In May we focused our events on crafting your career and personal branding. During our monthly networking lunch, attendees discussed how their careers didn’t necessarily go in the linear trajectory that we’re all lead to believe it should go in, which is okay. Many attendees described their career paths and how they have led them to where they are now. Below are some of the key points highlighted during the discussions.

Women's Masters Network May 2019 Luncheon

Women’s Masters Network May 2019 Luncheon

  • Consider the industry! Depending on the industry, two years in an organization could be okay. In oil & gas, especially after the downturn, two years is understandable however, two years with one company in technology could be considered too long.
  • Women do not negotiate enough! Women leave half a million dollars on the table simply by not negotiating early on.
  • Don’t sell yourself short. Women apply for roles only if they match 80-100% of the job specifications. Men, however, will apply if they match only 30% of the job specifications.
  • Mentors and sponsors can be a key factor! Have mentors that are formal (they know they mentor you) and informal (they don’t know they mentor you). Mentors do not need to be within the same industry.
  • Interested in learning more? Read Start with Why by Simon Sinek.
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) is hurting the recruiting process. Companies are not recruiting truly innovative employees. Companies only look for the type of people that are already employed with the company, not people who think outside the box.
  • Discussing your resume with a recruiter? Have two sentences per role: how you got the role and why you left. After that, you can discuss your skills and how they relate to the role using the STAR method. The STAR method stands for Situation, Task, Action, Result. Quantify everything you can.
  • Craft your narrative in addition to your career. Download Juliana’s presentation from the UH Gender Diversity Conference.

A personal brand is not what you do

WMN May 2019 The Importance of Your Brand Event

Shavonnah Schreiber – May 2019 The Importance of Your Brand Event

Our personal branding workshop was particularly impactful. Attendees chose two of three focused workshops ranging in topics from how the language you choose matters, exuding the executive presence you want to, and evolving your brand as you evolve. Each workshop was hosted by a master in that field who provided valuable insights and tips. Below are key highlights from all three workshops and our phenomenal keynote speaker.

  • A personal brand is not what you do for work but who you are. A ‘communication guru’ is a personal brand versus ‘communication professional’ is a job.
  • Get involved in a network! This grows your knowledge base and your network.
  • Keep Reading! Books and authors to read for continued motivation:
  • Life happens and we all change. Your brand can and should evolve too!
  • Language matters. Are you dealing with someone negative or a negative situation? Use words like ‘Us’ and ‘We’ to be inclusive. Do you want/need to spotlight someone? Use their name or ‘You’ to accomplish this.
  • Heading into a meeting? Do these following things for a more productive meeting.
    • Sit up straight.
    • Breathe correctly. Breathe in and your stomach expands. Breathe out and your stomach contracts.
    • Place both feet firmly on the ground. Do not cross your legs.
    • Drop your voice an octave.
    • Slow down and enunciate your speech.
    • Listen to others in the room and be present.
  • Your personal brand exists regardless if you are managing it or not. Shavonnah described the 5 mission critical branding steps. Download Shavonnah’s keynote presentation.
    • Stake your claim
    • Develop your brand DNA
    • Be consistent
    • Syndicate your brand
    • Don’t outkick your coverage